Guns & Goods Raffle – Friday, September 15, 2023 

Gun list

1. $500 Gift Card

2.  Savage Axis W/Scope 6.5 Creedmore

3.  $350 Gift Card

4.  Ruger 10/22 RB 22 LR

5.  $400 Gift Card

6. $400 Gift Card

7. Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12 Ga

8. $350 Gift Card

9. $350 Gift Card

10.Savage 93R17 17 HMR

11.Ruger EC9S 9MM

12.$300 Gift Card

13.$600 Gift Card

14.Taurus G3 9mm

15.Taurus TX22 22LR

16.$400 Gift Card

17.$600 Gift Card

18.Benelli Nova 12 Ga Syn

19.Tikka T-3 7 MM S/S

20.$200 Gift Card

21.$200 Gift Card

22.$300 Gift Card

23.Taurus TX22 22LR

24.$300 Gift Card

25.Henry Classic Lever 22 LR

26.$200 Gift Card

27.$200 Gift Card

28.Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12 Ga

29.$600 Gift Card

30.$350 Gift Card

31.Benelli Nova 12 Ga Syn

32.Savage 555 O/U 12 Ga.

33.$400 Gift Card

34.Taurus G3 9mm

35.$400 Gift Card

36.Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12 Ga

37.Ruger 10/22 RB 22 LR

38.$300 Gift Card

39.Ruger 10/22 RB 22 LR

40.Taurus TX22 22LR

41.$350 Gift Card

42.Mossberg 500 12 Ga.

43.$400 Gift Card

44.$350 Gift Card

45.Taurus G3 9mm

46.$350 Gift Card

47.Ruger EC9S 9MM

48.$350 Gift Card

49.$200 Gift Card

50.$200 Gift Card

51.Mossberg 500 12 Ga.

52.Winchester SX4 Hybrid 12 Ga

53.$200 Gift Card

54.$500 Gift Card

55.Ruger EC9S 9MM

56.$400 Gift Card

57.$800 Gift Card

58.$300 Gift Card

59.Ruger 10/22 RB 22 LR

60.$400 Gift Card

61.Bond Arms Rowdy 45 LC/410

62.$300 Gift Card

63.Mossberg 500 12 Ga.

64.$200 Gift Card

65.Savage Axis W/Scope 6.5 Creedmore

66.$500 Gift Card

67.$350 Gift Card

68.Savage 93R17 17 HMR

69.Bond Arms Rowdy 45 LC/410

70.Savage 93R17 17 HMR

71.$500 Gift Card

72.Franchi Affinity Elite 3.5 12 GA

73.Ruger American W/Scope 243

74.$350 Gift Card

75.$400 Gift Card

76.$300 Gift Card

77.Benelli Nova 12 Ga Syn

78.Bond Arms Rowdy 45 LC/410

79.Ruger 10/22 RB 22 LR

80.Savage 320 Field 12 Ga.

81.$200 Gift Card

82.Mossberg 500 12 Ga.

83.Savage 320 Field 12 Ga.

84.$350 Gift Card

85.Winchester SXP Black Shadow 12 Ga

86.$400 Gift Card

87.Savage 220 Slug gun 20 Ga.

88.Ruger 10/22 RB 22 LR

89.Savage 93R17 17 HMR

90.$300 Gift Card

91.$600 Gift Card

92.$200 Gift Card

93.Savage 320 Field 12 Ga.

94.Henry Classic Lever 22 LR

95.$400 Gift Card

96.Taurus TX22 22LR

97.Henry Classic Lever 22 LR

98.Savage 320 Field 12 Ga.

99.$700 Gift Card

100.Benelli Nova 12 Ga Syn

Rules and Regulations:

The drawing will start at 7:30 pm on Friday at the Sauk Rapids VFW: 901 North Benton Drive, Sauk Rapids, MN, 56379.
Need not be present to win.
All are welcome to attend.
Vouchers will be available on site.
Raffle Tickets limited to 2000 – $40 per ticket.
A winning ticket will not be returned to the drawing; one chance to win per ticket.
The winner will be issued a voucher for the awarded gun. The voucher can be used to purchase the awarded gun or a gift card will be issued by Scheels which can be used as store credit on any merchandise. Gift cards may also be used online. Gift cards valid only at Scheels Store, 40 North Waite Avenue, Waite Park, MN. 56387.
All winners will be notified of the gun they have won and will receive a voucher. Winner must then present this voucher and their driver’s license to the gun department at Scheels in Waite Park, MN. Each winner will then be issued his or her gun.
The winner is responsible for all applicable fees and/or taxes.
Must be 18 years of age to purchase a ticket or win a prize.
Must be 18 years of age to obtain rifles and shotguns, and 21 years of age to receive handguns. Permit to purchase in the State of Minnesota is required to receive handguns and AR style rifles.
Must pass all applicable background checks to obtain guns. If a winner fails the background check, they may still use the gift card for merchandise other than guns.


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