Service Animal Disclaimer

Service Animal Disclaimer:

We are Service Animal Advocates. Therefore we advocate for service animals who are trained to perform tasks which better the lives of people with disabilities. Service animals are identified and defined as dogs or miniature horses. If the below requirements are not met, your service dog will need to leave the property. However, you may continue to be on the property.

Service dogs are allowed on Independent Lifestyles and Camp Bliss properties:

  • Service dogs are trained to perform some of the functions and tasks that an individual cannot perform themselves.
  • A dog whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support does not qualify as a service dog (i.e. emotional support, companion, or therapy animal).

If your dog is unidentifiable as a service dog, we may ask:

  • If the dog is a service dog
  • What tasks the dog is trained to perform

Your service dog must be:

  • Housebroken
  • Under the owner’s control at all times
  • Demonstrating appropriate behavior at all times (cannot be vocalizing uncontrollably, snarling, running around, jumping on others, defecating, destroying property, etc.)


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